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About Us

9Eleven My Family Mart is a Standalone Single floor Supermarket expanded at the area of 15000 sq ft. Where a person gets all the essential items which are required in day to day life at affordable price (Sabhi Saman kefaiti daamo per).

9Eleven My Family Mart has the full range of FMCG & NON-FMCG products. It has High Quality Garments for Men’s, Women’s & Kids at very affordable price. For glamorous ladies out there 9Eleven has branded Cosmetic which offers up to 10% discount 365 days. For Households 9eleven My Family Mart has crockery, plastic wear & home cleaning which fulfill all the needs of your houses with the discount of up to 20% all time.

9Eleven My Family Mart team is always cheerful & helpful in delivering the best possible services to customers. Just in a year we have grown our reach beyond the expectations through our loyalty customers and continuing to expand our reach with the Home delivery services by introducing www.my9eleven.com.